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USB Microphone Kit 192KHZ/24BIT Plug & Play


Studio USB Microphone Kit Maono AU-A04TC for Recroding.

Professional USB Microphone Kit MAONO AU-A04TC for Broadcast.

High Quality USB Microphone Sets Maono AU-A04TC for Sale.

USB Microphone Settings Maono AU-A04TC Avaliable.

Studio Recording Portable USB Microphone Kit MAONO AU-A04TC Online.


1. PROFESSIONAL SOUND CHIPSET 192kHz/24bit: This Condenser Microphone has been designed with the professional sound chipset, which lets the USB microphone hold high-resolution sampling rate. SAMPLING RATE: 192kHz/24bit!!! The smooth, flat frequency response of 30Hz-16kHz--Extended frequency response is excellent for singing, speech, and Voice over, Performed perfectly in reproduces sound, high-quality mic ensure your exquisite sound reproduces on the internet.

2. PLUG and PLAY: The microphone has USB 2.0 data port which is easy to connect with your computer and Linux operation system, and no need extra driver software, and no need for an external sound card. Double shielding USB cable reduces interference. That makes it easy to sound good on a podcast, Livestream, video call, or most any other kind of recording.

3.16mm ELECTRET CONDENSER TRANSDUCER & MAGNET RING: With the 16mm electret condenser transducer, the USB microphone can give you a strong bass response. This professional condenser microphone picks up crystal clear audio. The magnet ring, on the USB microphone cable, has a strong anti-interference function, which makes you have a better feel.

4.STABLE & PORTABLE DESIGN: This USB microphone kit includes a lockable aluminum organizer storage box, Which is a safe and portable design. The design allows your products to be protected from long-distance transport and also makes it easier to travel with a microphone. Solidly built and stable on mics stand, which is metal housing all over, very solid. The newly designed stand let the microphone more stable and easy to adjust, which will give you a better experience.

5. COMPATIBLE WITH ALL OS: For all Laptop, PC and Mobile phones. But if you want to connect with the phone, you need an OTG adapter (not included). Strong output, no distortion, low power consumption. 



  • Maono USB mic
  • Shock Mount
  • Table stand
  • Pop filter
  • Wind foam
  • USB-B to USB-A Cable
  • Aluminum Box


Question: Is the stand stable? What's the material of it?
Answer: The base of this microphone is made of metal. Which will make the microphone more stable during use.

Question: Is this aluminum box stable? suitable for long-distance carryout?
Answer: The outer packaging of this microphone is made of aluminum and has high stability.

Question: Can I use this USB microphone on my PS4? need any driver?
Answer: The PS4 has a standard USB port that can be connected directly to this microphone.


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