PoP voice

PoP voice TRRS Y Splitter mic and mic

  • With Y MIC splitter, your 2 pcs single microphones can become dual microphones that achieved 2 people recording together by using one phone. But what if 2 pcs PoP voice dual-head mics plugged in Y MIC splitter, 4 people can record together by one phone. Then both one single mic and one dual-head mic insert Y MIC splitter, 3 people are recording together by one phone at the same time. Just single one simple Y MIC splitter can be satisfied with your different RECORDING requirements.
  • Make sure your mic jack is 4 PIN, the Y splitter DOES NOT APPLY FOR 3 PIN JACK.
  • Very easy and simple to use. Only plug and play. Note: To confirm all jacks are tightly connected, hear"click" means fully plugged, not happened that plug is loose fitting in the socket.
  • Stability and continuance- Slim Mic Splitter Cable keeps two jacks to display balanced sound.
  • Simultaneously display and ideal construction- Splitter cable can provide strong support when someone enjoys beginning the interesting vlogs, speech, video shooting with friends, classmates or colleagues.

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